English Classroom Resources

Ontario Curriculum Documents / English

Read Write Think: Curriculum Resources for English, reading and language arts instruction.

The Web English Teacher: Curriculum Resources for English, reading and language arts instruction.

Purdue Online Writing Lab: Writing lab resources and style guides, literary terms, printable hand-outs, ELL support…

Purdue Online Writing for Literature: Index page / Purdue Online Literary Terms: Literary Terms (Basics)

Literary Encyclopedia

Bartleby: Free access to novels, classics, poetry, criticism, non-fiction, reference materials.

Book Whisper Blog (based on The Book Whisper and Reading in the Wild, Donalyn Miller).

Literary Theory: An Introduction, by Terry Eagleton (Full Text: We will read the Introduction: What is Literature?)

Cinema Studies: They Key Concepts (numerous parallels to literary terms/techniques, excellent resource for connecting literary criticism and writing composition to film theory, art movements, criticism/critical theory, and visual-sequential composition strategies)

Cambridge Introduction to Creative Writing (full text)

Ontario First Nations Educational Policy Frameworks

Literary Theory: Online Philosophy Site

AP English Literary Terms (PDF, AP English Expectations)

Literary Terms (Stanford) and More Literary Terms

Literary Devices and  Literary Devices  and  Literary Devices

Narrative Techniques

Cinema/Film Studies Terms Glossary with parallels to literary terms/techniques)

The Electronic Labyrinth: Glossary & informational site for digital writing and hypertext and creative writing in new media environments.

Poems that Go

Vectors and Digital Humanities

Kairos: Digital Writing and Pedagogy Journal

Multimodal Media Glossary

Lil Bits Ideas for Teaching Lit and Creative Writing

Creative Writing Resources and More Resources

The New York Review of Books

Everthing ELL —- ELL in English Classroom

Social Research Glossary

Media/Arts and Digital Literacies –  Ontario English Curriculum

Media Smarts Media Smarts.ca / Digital Media Fundamentals / Teacher Resources

Media Smarts / Media Smarts Ontario [Expectations by Content Area – See Left Navigation Bar]

Media Literacy (Teachers Doc)

Student-Developed Class Wikis (free): .e.g, literary devises, literary criticism, literary periods and artistic movements, authors, multicultural and ELL resources, writing lab tips, or use the wiki to for imaginative purposes and creative writing.  

Creative Commons (CC-Licensed Legal Media) / WikiMedia (Free Legal Media Use/Community)

Multimodal Knowledge/Data Visualization Tools

Gimp (Free and Powerful) / Image-Editor

Edward Tufte (Beautiful Evidence): Knowledge Visualization

Twine is an easy-to-use browser-based tool for creative interactive, non-linear narratives (multimodal stories, poetry, essays, or really any genre) and interactive narratives/adventure games. Introduces students to meta-reflection on narrative forms, adventure games, and even basic coding. Advanced coding can also be applied. Great community support with plenty of online resources.

Timeline Creators < Resources Pages > Timeline Creators: (literary periods and art movements, author biographies, chronological histories, and creative writing (alternate histories, fictional timelines, etc).

Nearpod (Interactive Presentation Tool with ‘lite’ games, polls, multimodal interaction, flipped classrooms, etc.). Free, not too bad, if students have laptops, mobile devices or tablets. Can be used for live interactive activities as well as blended/flipped classrooms. Padlet (Interactive Virtual Wall)

Digital Free-Write & Brainstorming:  Mind-Map Tools  / Prezi / Mindomo / Spiderscribe

Interact with Texts / Literary Works and Provide Multimodal Feedback to Students

Curriculate (Embed a layer of questions, quizzes, and rich media annotations into any reading assignment)

iAnnotate (annotate texts and respond to students text using text/audio)

Graphic Texts/Serious Comics/ Multimodal Story-Telling
(Creating Graphic Poetry, Digital Stories, Non-Fictions, Hypertexts, Twines, etc)

Apps I have used for Visual Essays, ‘Serious Comics’ and Zines include Halftone 2 and ComicBook! The latter enables you to import your pictures and posterize/cartoon your image (or with several similar apps, you can select template backgrounds, cartoon characters, etc).

Articulate Story-building & multimodal narrative/presentation tools.

Comiclife is a very nice platform for serious comics/cartoons. You can select a version for ipad/iphone or a more comprehensive version for downloading on your computer. Resources for Graphic Novel Creation.

Twine is an easy-to-use browser-based gizmo for creative interactive, non-linear narratives (multimodal stories, poetry, essays, or really any genre) and interactive narratives games.

iBook Author is a free tool enabling users to write their own multimodal poetry, interactive and multimedia stories/books and curriculum materials, etc. Can be saved and distributed, but requires a Mac/iPad for reader download. It CAN be saved as PDF for Windows/PCs, but much interactivity is lost (as a PDF).

For Photo-Narrative Composition: Before Lomo-Imitating digital Apps & Retro-Filters, there was actually a Soviet-made 35mm film camera, the LOMO – ‘the original camera app’. Remarkable night and low-light shots, surreal colour saturation, and real organic vignetting. Gestural fun, invites experimental attitude, and (not infrequently) great results: the original improvisational, DIY/chance-operations action-camera aesthetic for anyone. A LOMO ‘affinity group’ (Gee, 2003) appeared in the early 1990s, advancing the experimental, democratic aesthetic associated with LomographyCamera+ Image Editing with Filters (including Lomo). Also good for preparing images for iMovie or cartoon-makers, etc… Introduces camera users to darkroom terminology, image-editing terms, photography aesthetics, and classic camera models.

iMovie which has tablet/app iPad (For audio-visual editing and remixing, original movie production, documentaries, etc). Windows/PCs typically come with MovieMakerPinnacle Studio which has tablet/iPad versions. Glossary of Technical & Aesthetic Film Terms: Filmsite.org

Narrative Game/Makers



Twine / Twine on Gamasutra (Open Source Tool for Developing Non/Linear Narratives/Games)

Scratch  (MIT Site – Coding)

Code / Tynker


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