Media Resources

Sensory/Environmental & Ambient Research / Data Visualization / Modelings

Creative Commons (Resources)

Rez (Game) Milena Droumeva (Sound / Ambient / Field Recordings)

Smell & the City Victoria Henshaw (Smell Walks, Olfactory)

MultisensoryMel Melanie McBride (Smell Walks, Olfactory) Website

Urban Remix (Ambient/field recordings and social-urban sound remixes).

Sensory Mapping

Edward Tufte Knowledge/Data Visualization

‘Digital Humanities’
– Historical Soundscapes 
– Totality for Kids by M. Wark

Interactive Documentaries Bear 51 & Digital Sins

Art/Game: QTO

Dance your PhD:

Peter and the Wolf Prokofiev (transmodallity)

Social Semiotics Glossary Site
(Glossary of Multimodal Terms / From Social-Semiotics Approach)

Listening: E Glennie

Databending / Databending / Databending + SoundGlitch

Production Tools & Gizmos / Multimodal Production, Sampling, Remix, Serious Comics, Soundworks, etc Compose video/soundworks by recording, sampling & remixing. Not just for VJs –  limitless possibilities for multiple genres –  buggy in record mode. Does not enable image files to be imported, but you can save images as movies (in iMovie, etc) and then import image in video format (image + time). VidiBox tutorials.

Apps I have used for ‘Serious Comics’ and Zines and Dual-Language/Polyglot Multimodal Works include Halftone 2 and ComicBook! – the latter enables you to import your pictures and posterize/cartoon-ify your image…

Popcorn Maker Remix/Gif/MashUp/Meme Making

Speaking Photo

Comiclife is a very nice platform for serious comics/zines and dual-language multimodal texts. You can select a version for tablets or a more comprehensive version for download to computer. 30 days free. (but not expensive)

Twine is an easy-to-use browser-based tool for creative interactive, non-linear narratives (multimodal stories, poetry, essays, or really any genre) and interactive narratives games.

Twine DMG Powerpoint

Sktchy supports comic/zine making by posterizing or sketcherizing images. Photo-Chop is an app supports tile-warping distortions to more abstract ends.

PhotoShop & Gimp

Timeline Creators < Resources Pages > Timeline Creators

Articulate Storyline – Multimodal Presentation Tool

Padlet (Interactive Virtual Wall)

Camtasia (ScreenCast)

iMovie / iMovie for Education


VoiceThread (not tried)

Digital StoryBoards  / StoryBoard That

Multimodal Presentations Plafforms: Prezi / Mindomo / eMaze

iBook Author (mac/apple proprietary)

iBook Author is a free tool enabling users to write their own multimodal poetry, stories/books and curriculum materials, etc. Can be saved and distributed outside of iTunes U, but requires a Mac/iPad for reader download. It CAN be saved as PDF for Windows/PCs, but much interactivity is lost and format is distorted (as a PDF).

Enables video-embedding, image-editing, lots of ‘widgets’, 3-D modelling display, and plenty of serious design features for maximizing multimodal aesthetics.

Before Lomo-imitating digital Apps & Retro-Filters, there was actually a Soviet-made 35mm film camera, theLOMO – ‘the original camera app’. Remarkable night and low-light shots, crazy on-board ‘computer’, surreal color saturation, and real-deal organic vignetting (with occasional light-leaks and other aesthetic ‘defects’).

Gestural fun, invites experimental attitude, and (not infrequently) great results: the original improvisational, DIY/chance-operations action-camera aesthetic for anyone. A LOMO community or ‘affinity group’ (Gee, 2003) appeared in the mid 1990s, advancing the experimental democratic aesthetic associated with Lomography.

Camera+ Image Editing with Filters (including Lomo). Also good for preparing images for iMovie or cartoon-makers, etc… Introduces camera users to darkroom terminology, image-editing terms, photography aesthetics, and classic camera models.

Hipstamatic (Lomo/Holga-style with light-leak effects) & LO-Mob (Retro-Filters)… on and on…

iMovie which has tablet/app iPad (For audio-visual editing and remixing, original movie production, documentaries, etc). Windows/PCs typically come with MovieMaker.

Pinnacle Studio which has tablet/iPad versions.

Super-8 supports retro film aesthetic (e.g, in the tradition of older documentary films, family movies, including frame stutter and light-leak distortions).

Action Movie Effects (same maker as Super-8) is a silly, incorrect app that allows you to add spider attacks, avalanches and meteor strikes (and worse) to your narrative.

Collage Makers: I can’t find a good collage making app that does not limit you to template-driven/greeting card results. Befunky has site and app but not much in terms of sophisticated design options. Paper and scissors still work very well, with a digital picture chaser, as does Photoshop Touch and the usual image-editing tools (Photoshop, Gimp, etc).

Hyperlapse Time Lapse

Stop Motion Studio Stop Motion

Animation Creator (Not Tried)…

There are may stop-motion/animation creators available online, new gizmos appearing daily.

Audio Tools (Soundworks Composition, Editing, Remixing, Publication, etc)

Glitch Art: Audacity Audio-Editor used to modulate a cat image (using  on-board musical effects like reverb, pitch shift, etc).

Glossary of Technical & Aesthetic Film Terms: Cloud-Based Composing/Mixing & Sharing (with server-side software). Free

Soundcloud and MixCloud (Free Publication/Sharing and Social Media Sites). Synthtopia Site for new digital tools, app reviews, models, technique-sharing. CCmixter Resource site for ‘remix culture’. Looping Tools (Resources for Digital and Analog Looping Tools & Techniques)…

Loop with Loopy (Music, Sound, Voice, etc, Looping Gizmo).

Audacity Hack and tinker with your Audio-files (Remix/Mashup, Glitch-ify, Tempo Edit, Distort and Elongate, ect). Free

Webpage (links to) Field/Audio-Recording Tools.

MPC Sampling/Composing with Tablet App Version iMPC (iTunes)

Tenori-On / Tenori-On for iPad (Soundworks Composition based on innovative Tenori music hardware)

Caustic for Android and for Ipad  (Inter-expressive Keyboard, Beat, Editing Grid, MPC interfaces, Synth-based sound modifications, etc).

ToneMatrix Matrix-based Looping

Synthstation (Soundworks Composition – Inter-expressive Keyboard, Beat, Editing Grid, MPC interfaces)

Audiobus ‘Meta-App’ for app-to-app connection (bussing) or using external microphone, voice, instruments in app-to-app configuration (e.g., Garageband, Loopy, etc).

Prepared Piano (extended techniques)

DIY Maker Education Resources in Toronto 

Mini-Maker Faire and DIY Places in T.

(Interview w/ Toronto-based editors of the book, DIY Citizenship: Critical Making… by H. Jenkins/Interview)

Circuit Bending Toy Site


“Everything is a sample, everything is waiting to be sampled; and everything is renewed when it is sampled, broken down, reconstructed and recontextualized. If architecture is, as they say, frozen music, then — Miller says — music is liquid architecture. Music fills and reconfigures space, puts it into motion. All that is solid melts into software — actually, into free software or shareware…Paul Miller’s lecture envisioned — but also pragmatically demonstrated, in brief — the utopian potentialities of postmodern culture. Remix/Remodel. Deform in order to Transform.”
– Steven Sharivo on DJ Spooky (Paul Miller)

‘Art Games’


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